NAHB Green Build - Home Innovative Research Center - NGBS Green

HIRC certifies green residential projects of all types in compliance with the National Green Building Standard ICC 700.

As an independent, third-party research and testing organization, the Research Center has the capacity, expertise, and credentials to ensure our Green Certification mark stands for consistency, rigor, and credibility. We do all that while keeping our certification practical and affordable for the home building industry.

The National Green Building Standard (NGBS) is the preeminent residential green building rating system. It sets green baselines for all new residential construction, development, and remodeling projects. ANSI-approved and consensus-based, the NGBS provides a menu of green building practices for builders, remodelers, and land developers to plan their green projects. These building practices, when employed in construction and development, improve the living environment for residents and reduce the project’s environmental impacts.

For single or multifamily homes to become Green Certified, the Standard requires green building practices in six categories: Lot Design, Preparation, and Development | Resource Efficiency | Energy Efficiency | Water Efficiency | Indoor Environmental Quality | Operation, Maintenance, and Building Owner Education. To be certified, a project must implement a minimum number of practices in each of six green building categories.

To obtain higher certification levels, the project has to employ a greater number of green practices in every category, resulting in progressively increased benefits to the residents and reduced environmental impacts.

Some of the practices in the NGBS are mandatory. However, builders, remodelers, and developers also have the ability to select from an array of green practices those that are best suited to their local market conditions, home buyer preferences, and individual business strategies.

Of all the green rating systems currently available, only certification to the NGBS formally recognizes and rewards this level of commitment and performance in every area of green home construction. The NAHB Research Center adopted the NGBS as our green rating system because we believe certifying your single or multifamily homes as environmentally friendly should be about more than checking boxes on some unqualified checklist. Our Green Certified mark is proof of a truly green home.