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Experienced Energy Auditing in Midland, TX

Are you in need of a dependable Midland, TX, property inspector? Then get a hold of Texas Energy Raters today, or visit our office here in Midland!

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No matter what kind of commercial or residential buildings you own, we are happy to assist you. Because we know that you want to move forward as quickly as possible, we complete jobs promptly.

Are you purchasing a new home in Midland, TX? Perhaps you are selling an office building or retail store and need it inspected first, or you simply want to make sure that your buildings are in good condition and free of asbestos, lead paint, and other hazardous materials. We can also perform an energy audit to see how you are using energy and help you save money on monthly bills. Our team members can then use this information, which we often obtain through thermal imaging surveys, to provide you with ways to use less electricity and other resources. Lead paint is fairly common in older buildings, so we do lead inspections and tests.

Hire a Midland, TX, property inspector you can rely on today, and contact us at our office in Midland, TX. If you believe something is not quite right with your building, give Texas Energy Raters a call, and we will send an experienced inspector your way. Contact us today for an estimate or to make an appointment.

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